- Oak & Alley Band~

This seven piece band features originals by Irvine sketched from elements of jazz, folk, classical, and traditional world genres; reimagined and woven into eclectic and authentic compositions. Comprised of some of Winnipeg most influential musicians, the Oak & Alley Band provides a fresh stance on contemporary jazz inspired by the likes of Maria Schneider, Allison Au, Lisa Hannigan, Herbie Handcock, Peter Apfelbaum, Igor Stravinsky, and Duke Ellington. 

              | Woodwinds- Sean Irvine | | Woodwinds- Ken Gold | Vocals- Micaylee Rodyniuk | Guitar- Artur Kivilaht | 
                                                      |Keys- Kevin Curtis | Bass- Julian Bradford | Drums- Kevin Waters |


Soprano & Tenor Sax

Alto Sax

Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Flute

                                                                                                         ~Live Sessions~

Tenor Sax

Clarinet, Alto Sax

                                                    | All written material is Original and Copyright of Sean Irvine 2016 |