- Oak & Alley Band~

This seven piece band features originals by Irvine sketched from elements of jazz, folk, classical, and traditional world genres; reimagined and woven into eclectic and authentic compositions. Comprised of some of Winnipeg most influential musicians, the Oak & Alley Band provides a fresh stance on contemporary jazz inspired by the likes of Maria Schneider, Allison Au, Lisa Hannigan, Herbie Handcock, Peter Apfelbaum, Igor Stravinsky, and Duke Ellington. 

              | Woodwinds- Sean Irvine | | Woodwinds- Ken Gold | Vocals- Micaylee Rodyniuk | Guitar- Artur Kivilaht | 
                                                      |Keys- Kevin Curtis | Bass- Julian Bradford | Drums- Kevin Waters |

                                                                   ~ Sean Irvine Quintet: The Music Of Kenny Wheeler ~

Paying tribute to one of the most profound trumpet players in musical history, this five piece band looks to interpret the music of Kenny Wheeler while still retaining the purest elements of Kenny's sound. With a catalogue comprised of Kenny Wheeler's staple tunes, the band achieves a diverse set of musical genres and tambours.  (Recordings available shortly)  

                                            | Trumpet- Matthew Walden | | Woodwinds- Sean Irvine | |Guitar- Aaron Shorr |
                                                                            |Bass- Sam Little | | Drums- Graydon Cramer |


Soprano & Tenor Sax

Alto Sax

Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Flute

                                                                                                         ~Live Sessions~

Tenor Sax

Clarinet, Alto Sax

                                                    | All written material is Original and Copyright of Sean Irvine 2016 |